Saša Mirković

Saša Mirković, who has been called the best Serbian violinist and a charismatic artist by critics, is active as a soloist, chamber and orchestral musician, as well as an educator and concert promoter. Born in 1980 in Čačak, he attended the School of Musical Talent in Ćuprija and then graduated from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. He was a member and principal violist of the Norwegian Youth Orchestra (Elverum), the German-Scandinavian Orchestra (Berlin) and the World Youth Peace Orchestra (Stockholm). During his studies he won numerous first and special prizes, including special prizes for the performance of contemporary music. The latest in a series of valuable recognitions for his work came in January 2017, when Saša Mirković was declared the winner of the 2016 "Music Classics" Award in the category "Male Soloist of the Year". In the same year, Saša Mirković received the "Aleksandar Pavlovic" Award of the Serbian Association of Composers for the best performance and presentation of contemporary Serbian music.

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