Lassine Koné

Lassine Koné's music is the epitome of an independent, postcolonial avant-garde. In his practice, he is at once highly virtuosic and yet self-taught. His sounds, which can be located between tradition, noise and Jimi Hendrix, are by no means influenced by the West, but have grown in their own way. On the occasion of his collaboration with the Marc Sinan Company and the Neue Vocalsolisten, he founded the Djiguya Orchestra together with his colleagues Habib Sangaré and Joel Diarra. Launched in 2019, the Bamako-based orchestra is dedicated to independent contemporary music. It combines traditional instruments from Mali with European music to create a special transcultural exchange. They gained international recognition with the multimedia music performance AM ANFANG by Marc Sinan and a choreography by Kettly Noël.

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