Bridging Bamako Berlin Vol. 2

Bridging Bamako Berlin Vol. 2 is an exciting collaboration that blends traditional sounds from Mali with electronic beats from Berlin and ambient vibes from Buenos Aires creating a musical dialog and building bridges between cultures and genres.


It features Habib Sangare on percussion instruments such as the calabash and bolon and Lassine Kone on the kamale ngoni, a type of West African harp. The two virtuosos are accompanied by Pune from Berlin on MPC and electronics and Segundo (alias Primeiro) from Buenos Aires, who contributes synthesizer textures and sequencers to the mix.

During the concerts and studio sessions in Berlin, an exciting constellation emerged: the language differences prevented direct communication between the musicians. Although a translator was available, they decided to make only limited use of it while making music. This restriction became a framework, so to speak, a possibility, an inspiration in which the music itself became their common language.


As a result, Bridging Bamako Berlin Vol. 2 is more than just an album, it is a celebration of the universality of music. For each track recounts a story beyond the sung word.

The tracks

is based on a sequence by Segundo alias Primeiro. The song is a precisely arranged mesh of ethereal tones and floating arpeggios. Habib and Lassine heard it for the first time in the studio and immediately recorded the kora and calabash.

The song addresses the longing to bring children into the world and promises comfort and blessing.

Participating artists

More artists

Produced by Lassine, Habib, Brian Agulla and Segundo Bercetche

track 1 produced by Segundo Bercetche

recorded by Michael Alcalai

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