Finally the time has come! PANTOPIA MUSIC - the new digital platform for contemporary transtraditional music forms is online! From now on, discover new, exciting albums every month and find out who and what is behind the projects produced worldwide.


PANTOPIA MUSIC follows musicians and artists from different perspectives and offers space for a new, permeable perception of art, culture and music in the digital.


We start with six great albums that already hint at the huge range of contemporary transtraditional music. Iva Bittovà develops together Anil Erslan on "What my father sang to me" a completely new and unique way of setting folk songs to music.
At "Bridging Bamako Berlin" traditional instruments from Mali mix with electronic sounds and open up new worlds of sound. You can also hear what a 2000 kilometer journey on horseback through Argentina sounds like. "Eternal Procession" you can listen to. The incredibly rich culture of folk songs and female singers in Rajasthan can be heard on "Glorious Women of Rajasthan" On "In the Beginning" Marc Sinan, together with many exciting musicians and ensembles, makes it possible to experience various creation myths in a sensual way. For "Encienda el Fuego" Miriam García has newly arranged, orchestrated and interpreted traditional songs from South America.


Have fun discovering!





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