Omkara Sánchez

Omkara Sánchez is a member of DRUMAYOR. She learned from an early age from her father, who is also a renowned percussionist, different drums and the Güira (a metal shabidiophone). She has performed on prestigious Dominican stages such as the National Theater, Casa de Teatro, the main stage of the International Book Fair, the Cultural Center of Spain, the Cultural Center of the Banco de Reservas, the Museo del Hombre Dominicano and the Ministry of Culture, as well as on several television programs. She has also been a member of the folkloric dance groups of APEC University and Sangre Mulata, and has participated in many of the most important traditional music events in the Dominican Republic, such as the Festival de San Antonio de Yamasá and the Festival de Atabales de Sainaguá de San Cristóbal.

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