Edis Sánchez

Edis Sánchez is a musician, anthropologist, lecturer and writer with a master's degree in management and educational planning. He has produced several albums featuring the many diverse sounds of the island of Hispaniola, including "El Gran Poder de Dios." He is also the director of DRUMAYOR, an artistic research group for traditional Dominican culture.


During his career, Sánchez has played concerts in different parts of the world, including Germany, France, Holland, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Guadeloupe, Venezuela, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Cuba, Mexico, Miami, New York, Denver, Atlanta, Dallas and Namibia.


As an anthropologist, his studies focus on the intangible cultural heritage of music, musical instruments, rituals, carnival and culinary arts. He is a member of the UNESCO World Network of Intangible Cultural Heritage Mediators, the Dominican Society of Anthropology (SODAN) and the Institute of Caribbean Studies (INEC). Sánchez has also published numerous scholarly works, including. La Música Folklórica Dominicana (Dominican Folk Music), co-authored with musician Josué Santana; Un Año de Cultura Tradicional Dominicana (A Year of Dominican Traditional Culture), Enclave Afro Caribe (Afro-Caribbean Enclave, in collaboration with several Latin American authors).

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