Am Anfang

Album Marc Sinan

Where do we come from, where are we going? In the album “Am Anfang”, West African creation myths meet the Big Bang Theory. Together with the Djiguya Orchestra from Mali and the Neue Vocalsolisten, the Marc Sinan Company explores the soundtrack of the Big Bang.

We know about the simultaneity of different perspectives on our existence. Yet, all too often we settle into our own worldview. “Am Anfang” reflects these contradictory experiences and descriptions of reality and brings them together in a unique combination of traditional and religious music from Mali with contemporary European sounds.

Lassine Koné
Take the red cape, take the universe and go naked!
Hamadoun Kassogué

The project “Am Anfang” is meant to illustrate that our knowledge always allows us only apparent certainties, with the help of which we distinguish ourselves from the “others”. But in fact every certainty is only another proof of the limitedness of all human perception and insight. We are one in recognizing that any view of the world depicts only a singular fragment of reality. That which is real is greater.

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