The PANTOPIA MUSIC project researches and publishes contemporary transtraditional musical forms. It confronts an ethnically, colonially and centrally shaped perception of music with new forms of representation, mediation and production of contemporary, traditional and transtraditional musical works. The sum of possible musical utopias shall find a common place both online and onsite under the umbrella of PANTOPIA MUSIC.


PANTOPIA MUSIC produces digital albums for global music of the present and frames them digitally with numerous media. Archival materials as well as new compositions, which are created in connection with the project, will be presented. This project is supported by close collaboration with renowned archives and cooperation with numerous radio stations dedicated to the cultivation of specific musical cultures in many places around the world. In addition, PANTOPIA MUSIC works closely with curators and musicians from different places, who not only have a feeling for the respective, local music scenes, but can also initiate a dialogue with the public.

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